1. 5 Mistakes Young Investors Make

    Whether you just got out of college or you’ve been in your career for some time but haven’t taken the time to start investing, there are a couple of things you should know before you start throwing your money at things. Although you’re probably excited to start seeing your money grow, it’s important to not get overly excited. Here at Guardian Financial Group, we’ve taken the time to nail…Read More

  2. Tips For a Better Retirement

    In all honesty, there isn’t really an ideal time to start saving for retirement. Most people will advise that you start as soon as possible, but depending on your circumstances, later may work just fine. We’ve already discussed some of the essential components of your retirement portfolio, but what about having a better retirement. Many people worry that they’ll spend their whole later life …Read More

  3. The Importance of Financial Planning – Part 2

    Hello, and welcome back to our blog. If you recall from last time, we started discussing some of the main reasons you need financial planning. Regardless of what’s commonly believed, financial planning is for everyone. Meaning individuals with a small income, large income, small businesses, large businesses, and corporations alike all benefit from financial planning. Here at Guardian Financial G…Read More

  4. The Importance of Financial Planning

    If you’ve ever heard the term “financial planning,” you may have shrugged it off as something for businesses only and not something that you, as an individual, will have to worry about. The truth, however, is that financial planning is an important part of every individual's life, no matter your income or age. Here at Guardian Financial Group, we want you to have a financial advisor to speak…Read More

  5. What Is A Hedge Fund?

    If you’ve been involved in the financial world at all within the past ten years, you’ve probably heard of a hedge fund. Hedge funds are not actually a specific type of investment, instead it’s a type of investment structure where money is pooled and managed by a registered investment advisor. This investment structure is labeled as either a limited liability company or a limited partnership,…Read More

  6. Difference Between Long-Term And Short-Term Investments

    Investing can often be a frustrating endeavor. If you’ve never tried it before, you may be completely lost as to what to do or where to begin. Others have spent years trying to learn the ins and outs of investing but aren’t able to make the progress they’ve wanted to. However, one of the areas many investors are lacking in is the ability to differentiate between short-term and long-term inve…Read More

  7. Should I Invest Or Pay Off Debt?

    Life is filled with difficult financial decisions. One of the most difficult situations an investor is faced with is deciding between paying off debt or investing that money in order to see greater wealth in order to make it out in a better position than before. On one hand, if you spend all your money paying off debt, you may not have enough to invest later. Conversely, if you invest too much mon…Read More

  8. Asset Allocation – What should I be investing in?

    For many young people, the thought of investing scares them. We live in a time where many people don’t have a significant amount of savings, and instead live paycheck to paycheck. Here at Guardian Financial Group, our financial planners will work with you to fully understand your financial situation and target areas that can be improved so that you can make wise decisions for your financial futu…Read More

  9. Ideas For Saving Money That You’ve Never Thought of Before, Pt 2

    Here at Guardian Financial Group, we’re all about saving money. We’re passionate about helping our Centerville clients discover great ways to not only save money for their retirement but enjoy a better quality of life now. Everyone knows that money isn’t everything, but it certainly does help if you have enough of it. For that reason, we’re helping people find smart ways to put money away …Read More