Financial Planning:

Annual fees for our investment management services (which include access to our financial planning tools and multiple meetings throughout the year) are based on the value of the assets we manage for each client. We do not charge fees for assets we are not overseeing (e.g., employer 401(k) accounts, individual brokerage accounts, direct private equity investments) although they are part of your overall plan.

Project Planning:

Our preference is to create life-long relationships with clients and help them manage their way to a secure financial future. However, for “do it yourselfers” that only want a one-time comprehensive financial plan, we can charge a project fee based on an agreed scope of work and an estimated number of hours to complete the project. A typical comprehensive financial plan costs $2,500 to $6,000.

We can also work on an hourly basis in some circumstances: ex. younger clients who have very focused issues, 401(k) allocations, etc. For this type of engagement, our hourly rate is $175/hr.