Here at Guardian Financial Group, we’re all about saving money. We’re passionate about helping our Centerville clients discover great ways to not only save money for their retirement but enjoy a better quality of life now. Everyone knows that money isn’t everything, but it certainly does help if you have enough of it. For that reason, we’re helping people find smart ways to put money away for retirement, for a child’s college fund, for upcoming taxes, and so much more. We want to help you achieve your financial goals and we will work with you every step of the way. To learn more about our amazing financial services, contact one of our Centerville financial advisors!

In our previous blog, we discussed the value of saving money and the importance of cutting back spending wherever you can. We discussed how valuable it can be to set up a bank account at a financial institution that doesn’t charge you a monthly fee, offers you perks for signing up and even has interest offerings. to In today’s blog, we’re going to continue looking at some great ideas for saving money. Let’s get started!

2. Start Being Smarter With Energy

When it comes to electricity, water, and gas services in your home, many of us simply pay the bills and try to keep the amounts reasonable. However, many people are overpaying on utility bills and there are definitely ways to lower these costs. Turn your AC off as often as you can, use natural light for heat as well as lighting, and try to seal doors and windows. For more great money-saving ideas regarding utilities, look here.

3. Sign Up For Customer Rewards Programs

When it comes to money that you’re going to spend either way, why not find great deals at some of your favorite stores. That way, when you shop there, you’ll be able to save money on the things you buy anyway.

4. Sign up for a Smart Credit Card

Notice that we said a smart credit card. What we don’t mean is to have high-limit credit cards with high interest rates and zero possibility of saving money. What we do mean is a credit card with no annual fee that gives you cash back rewards with every purchase. The key to this is paying off the balance each month so that you can avoid the interest charges. When you use them in a smart way, credit cards can save you money and raise your credit card in one fell swoop!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed some of our favorite ideas for saving money. We know that this is hardly tapping into the greatest ideas out there. If you have time, check out more ideas for saving here!

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